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Harmonic and Simple Kriging Analyses of Diurnal Precipitation Patterns in Puerto Rico

Sen-Roy S, Balling JrRV:
"Harmonic and Simple Kriging Analyses of Diurnal Precipitation Patterns in Puerto Rico",
Caribbean Journal of Science 41 (2) : 181-188 (Aug 2005)

ABSTRACT.—Relatively large, topographically complex tropical islands can produce diurnal precipitation patterns that vary considerably over relatively short distances. In this investigation, we assembled a variety of databases to analyze diurnal rainfall patterns in Puerto Rico. We found strong diurnal cycles for all parts of the island with times of maximum frequency or total that ranged from pre-dawn in the east to midafternoon in the west. The pattern is similar to findings from Hawaii, and appears related to the daily pattern of katabatic and anabatic winds interaction with the predominant easterly trade winds. The diurnal pattern in rainfall was consistent through the year and not significantly affected by local sea-surface temperatures, El Niño-Southern Oscillation, and/or the North Atlantic Oscillation.

Convective rainfall regions in puerto rico

Carter, M.M., 1995. Convective Rainfall Regions in Puerto Rico.
Masters thesis, Florida State University, Tallahassee, 75pp.

Geographical regions of covariability in hourly precipitation over the island of Puerto Rico are exposed using factor analysis. It is argued that the data are consistent with a common factor model when an orthgonal rotation is applied to the factor loading matrix. The results suggest that Puerto Rico can be divided into six regions, with each region having a similar covariance structure of summer season convective rainfall. The six regions can be grouped into a western area and an eastern area based on contrasting diurnal rainfall signatures. The study is the first step in developing improved forecast guidance for precipitation over the island. It is believed to be one of the first studies attempting geographical regionalization of precipitation on the convective scale.
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