multiuse environement

Future Trends and Research Needs in Managing Forests and Grasslands as Drinking Water Sources

The management of forest and grassland watersheds for drinking water supplies has been, and will continue to be, a major activity of the Forest Service and other natural resource agencies. However, these watersheds will continue to support other uses, including providing timber products, recreation, mining, fisheries, grazing, and the conservation of biodiversity. In addition, relatively new uses like using forests for carbon and nutrient sequestration (DeLucia and others 1999) or the recycling of wastewater (Cole and others 1986, Sopper and Kardos 1973) will increase. The future is also expected to bring increased competition for existing water resources (Postel 1998) and changes from point source to watershed-based pollution management (U.S. EPA 1997). How these watersheds will be managed in this increasingly competitive, watershed-based, multiuse environment will be affected by site-specific knowledge of environmental change, technological change, and social and administrative considerations.
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