NRCS soil series

Soil Survey of Caribbean National Forest and Luquillo Experimental Forest, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

NRCS Soils Map

The CARIBBEAN NATIONAL FOREST, locally known as El Yunque or “the Forest,” is in the Luquillo Mountains and dominates the northeastern corner of Puerto Rico (fig. 1). It is one of the most popular recreation sites in Puerto Rico. Annually, almost one million tourists visit the Forest from Puerto Rico, the United States, and abroad. Puerto Rico, an island, is associated with the Greater Antilles chain of the Caribbean and is located at the southeastern end of the chain (Mitchell, 1954). The survey area includes all 27,846 acres (11,268 hectares) of the Caribbean National Forest. The “Soil Survey of the Humacao Area of Eastern Puerto Rico” (Boccheciamp and others, 1977) was published by the Soil Conservation Service in 1977. An inservice report, “The Soils of El Yunque—An Order III Soil Resource Inventory of the Caribbean National Forest,” (Ford, 1981) was completed in 1980. Other soil studies of specific areas in the Forest have been conducted (Soil Survey Staff, 1995). They can be valuable supplements to this soil survey. This report updates the previous surveys and provides additional information concerning the soils and their management.
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