Bisley Stream Data

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This is project presents data related to discharge measurements from the Bisley Watershed in the Luquillo Mountains.
Long-term rainfall and discharge data from the Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF) were analysed to develop relationships between rainfall, stream-runoff, and elevation. These relationships were then used with a Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine spatially-averaged, mean annual hydrologic budgets for watersheds and forest types within the study area. Model estimates indicate that a total of 3864 mm/yy (444 hm3) of rainfall falls on the forest in an average year. The Tabonuco, Colorado, Palm and Dwarf Forest types receive an estimated annual rainfall of 3537, 4191, 4167, and 4849 mm/yy, respectively. Of the average annual rainfall input, 65% (2526 mm/yr) is converted to runoff and the remainding 35% (1338 mm.yr) is lost from the system by evapotranspiration and other abstractions. In comparison to other tropical forests, the LEF as a whole has more evapotranspiration than many tropical montane forests but less evapotranspiration than many lowland tropical forests.

Data a product of USDA Forest Service -IITF:

Grizelle González - Project Leader, Research Unit
USDA FS - International Institute of Tropical Forestry
voice: 787-764-7800

Stream Chemistry Data a product of The University of New Hampshire:

William H McDowell
University of New Hampshire
Dept Natural Resources & Environment
Water Quality Analysis Lab

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Miguel Leon
Fred N. Scatena, USDA Forest Service, IITF, Carlos R. Estrada Ruiz
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