Collection of new sea-level data from mangrove peats involving a complete suite of paleoenvironmental indices

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We will analyze a comprehensive suite of geological and biological data from coastal systems within the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory to reconstruct sea-level change at higher levels of paleoenvironmental resolution and analytical precision than previously achieved (deci-centimeter to meter scale vertical resolution and annual to centennial scale age resolution). We will apply quantitative paleoenvironmental indices (microfossil-based transfer functions) and new approaches to analyzing age data (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) and calendar year calibrations) to provide high-resolution records of vertical changes to compare the Rio Mameyes and Rio Blanco watersheds. The data can be meaningfully compared with other local, regional and global environmental records derived from terrestrial and marine environments.

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Benjamin P Horton
Benjamin P Horton Nicole Khan Chris Vane
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