El Verde Stream Data

Project Description: 

This project presents data pertaining to the water chemistry of streams around the El Verde Field Station. Hobo U26 Dissolved Oxygen Loggers and U24 Conductivity Loggers collect data at a 15 minute time interval on the Q. Sonadora, Q. Prieta and Q. Toronja, in addition to a Hobo U20 Water Level logger at the Q. Toronja site.

A tropical wave left 8-9 inches of rain near El Verde 8-28 to 8-29-14

Data a product of the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory (LCZO)

Core Area(s) and/or Keywords: 

Ecology, Hydrology, Conductivity, Oxygen, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature

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Miguel Leon
Bill McDowell, LCZO
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