Elemental inputs and outputs from volcaniclastic and granitic terrains

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Measure elemental inputs in rain, and outputs in streams. Weekly sampling from two bedrock types, with analysis of sediments, particulate carbon and nitrogen, and dissolved nutrients, organic matter, Si, major cations, and major anions. Quarterly sampling of dissolved organic matter quality (fluorescence excitation-emission scans). Sites specific to the CZO project include rain chemistry at East Peak, and stream chemistry in Icacos and Guaba. Data set is supplemented with sampling and analysis conducted as part of the LTER, including two additional sites for rain chemistry (Bisley and El Verde) and multiple stream sites in volcaniclastic terrain. In collaboration with J. Shanley, continuous measurement of temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen in Icacos stream water.

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rain stream chemistry biogeochemistry input output export

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William H. McDowell
William H. McDowell Fred Scatena Jamie Shanley
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