Nutrient fluxes for rainfall and throughfall in the Bisley watersheds

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Nutrient fluxes in rainfall and throughfall have been measured weekly in a mature
subtropical wet forest in NE Puerto Rico for over a 15-year period that included the effects
of 10 named tropical storms, several prolonged dry periods, and volcanic activity in the
region. During the first 15 years mean annual rainfall and throughfall were 3482 and 2131 mm/yr, respectively. Average annual rainfall and throughfall fluxes of K, Ca, Mg, Cl, Na, and SO4–S were similar but somewhat larger than those reported for most tropical forests. Rainfall inputs of nitrogen
were comparatively low and reflect the relative isolation of the airshed. More constituents
had seasonal differences in rainfall fluxes (6 out of 12) than throughfall fluxes (4 out
of 12) and all volume weighted throughfall enrichment ratios calculated for the 15-year
period were greater than one. However, median weekly enrichment ratios were less than
1 for sea salts and dissolved organic carbon, between 1 and 2 for Mg, Ca, SiO2 and SO4–S,
and greater than 10 for NH4–N, PO4–P, and K.

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LTERDBAS #20: Chemistry of rainfall, throughfall, and stream water from El Verde and Bisley Verde and Bisley stations LTERDBAS 29: Bisley daily rainfall (Bisley weekly environmental data); LTERDBAS 90: Bisley Tower I Meteorological data (Bisley Tower); LTERDBAS148: Bisley rainfall and throughfall, and chemistry of rainfall and throughfall;
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Heartsill-Scalley, T., Scatena, F.N., Estrada, C., McDowell, W.H. and Lugo, A.E. (2007) Disturbance and long-term patterns of rainfall and throughfall nutrient fluxes in a subtropical wet forest in Puerto Rico. Journal of Hydrology 333, 472-485.

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Miguel Leon
Frederick N. Scatena Tamara Heartsil-Scalley IITF Watershed Technicians
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