Production of a quality-controlled, spatially and temporally comprehensive Puerto Rico sea-level database

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Despite the importance of the Caribbean, only one study compiled all available RSL data (consisting of the sea-level tracking coral Acropora palmata and intertidal Rhizophora mangle peat) to date for the region. Toscano and Macintyre (2003) presented a western Atlantic sea-level (WASL) curve for the Holocene (11 cal kyrs – 400 cal yrs BP) bracketed below by the shallowly-submerged coral field and above by the mangrove peat field at or above sea level. This dual-proxy, regional approach was the key to identifying the full Holocene range of paleo-sea levels independent of the variability in ages, elevations and sources of error in either dataset alone. We will produce a comprehensive Caribbean dataset , including data from coastal systems within the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory, to connect with the Barbados record (spanning 26 to 8.5 cal kyrs) to achieve a complete history of deglaciation to the present, and provide in situ observations to geophysical sea-level models from an area where the meltwater (or eustatic) component has increasingly greater influence on the relative sea level record and smaller sea level signals of climatic perturbations may be discerned.

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sea level

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Toscano MA, Macintyre IG (2003) Corrected western Atlantic sea-level curve for the last 11,000 years based on calibrated 14C dates on Acropora palmata framework and intertidal mangrove peat. Coral Reefs 22: 257-270.

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