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Ecology, Geomorphology

Restrepo, Carla; Walker, Lawrence R.; Shiels, Aaron B.; Bussmann, Rainer; Claessens, Lieven; Fisch, Simey; Lozano, Pablo; Negi, Girish; Paolini, Leonardo; Poveda, Germán; Ramos-Sharrón, Carlos; Ritcher, Michael; Velázquez, Eduardo. 2009. Landsliding and its multiscale influence on mountainscapes. Bioscience. 59(8): 685-698.


Ramos- Scharrón, C.E., and L.H. MacDonald. 2007.
Measurement and prediction of natural and
anthropogenic sediment sources, St. John, U.S.
Virgin Island. Catena. 71: 250-266.

Arafin S.

Arafin S., 2005. Three-dimensional gravity modeling of a trinidad mud volcano, West
Indies. Exploration Geophysics 36, 329–333.

Biogeochemistry, Climate

Goldsmith, S. T.; Carey, A. E.; Lyons, W. B.; Kao, S. J.; Lee, T. Y.;
Chen, J. Extreme storm events, landscape denudation, and
carbon sequestration: Typhoon Mindulle, Choshui River, Taiwan.
Geology 2008, 36 (6), 483–486.

van Gestel, J.-P., P. Mann, J. F. Dolan, and N. R. Grindlay (1998), Structure
and tectonics of the upper Cenozoic Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands carbonate
platform as determined from seismic reflection studies, J. Geophys. Res.,
103, 30,505– 30,530.

Ecology, Hydrology

Short-Term Disappearance of Foliar Litter in Three Species before and after a Hurricane
Neal H. Sullivan, William B. Bowden and William H. McDowell
Vol. 31, No. 3 (Sep., 1999), pp. 382-393

Teh, Y.A., Dubinsky, E.A., Silver, W.L., and Carlson, C.M.
(2008) Suppression of methanogenesis by dissimilatory Fe
(III)-reducing bacteria in tropical rain forest soils: implications
for ecosystem methane flux. Glob Change Biol 14:


Vogt, Kristiina A.; Beard, Karen H.; Hammann, Shira; O’Hara Palmiotto, Jennifer; Vogt,Daniel J.; Scatena, Frederick N.; Hecht, Brooke P. 2002. Indigenous Knowledge Informing Management of Tropical Forests: The Link between Rhythms in Plant Secondary Chemistry and Lunar Cycles.. Ambio Vol. 31 No. 6, Sept. 2002