Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences students stand out at 2019 Grad Ben Talks

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Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences students stand out at 2019 Grad Ben Talks
Lorena Levano (MBDS ’19) and Connor Joyce (MBDS ’19)
March 11, 2019

Five College of Liberal and Professional Studies students shared their research at Grad Ben Talks, an afternoon of TED Talk-style presentations by Penn Arts and Sciences graduate students on February 22, 2019. After students in social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and professional master’s programs addressed a packed audience in Amado Recital Hall in Irvine Auditorium, a panel of judges selected a winner from each section.

Connor Joyce (Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences ’19) took the prize in the Professional Master’s category: his talk, “To Fear or Not to Fear Automation: A Review of Research Covering Artificial Intelligence's Effect on Work,” explored different perspectives on workplace automation and possible outcomes for each approach. Grad Ben Talks attendees also had the opportunity to vote for outstanding student presentations; Lorena Levano (Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences ’19) won the Audience Choice award for her presentation, “Sexual Harassment in High Schools from a Social Norms Perspective,” which described the global pattern of sexual harassment as well as interventions that may change undesirable behavior more effectively than punishment.

Other College of Liberal and Professional Studies students who were selected to participate in this year’s event include: Martín Blank (Master of Applied Positive Psychology ’19), who shared research as well as his personal experience in reducing youth violence with classroom mindfulness training; Rae Childs (Master of Liberal Arts ’20), whose presentation explored the roots, common conceptions and coping strategies of narcissistic personality disorder; and Tirth Manek (Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics ’20), who demonstrated stand-up comedy techniques that organization leaders can use to enhance their storytelling.

View “To Fear or Not to Fear Automation” by Connor Joyce on Vimeo

View “Sexual Harassment in High Schools From a Social Norms Perspective” by Lorena Levano on Vimeo

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