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Folklore and the Supernatural

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FOLK 406 601


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Beliefs in the supernatural have not diminished appreciably in modern cultures, in spite of many predictions that they would do so. Recent public opinion surveys indicate that many Americans hold supernatural beliefs or have had experiences they believe to be supernatural. This course will introduce key concepts in the study of culture and the supernatural. We will examine traditional beliefs about supernatural beings, supernatural realms, and humans who interact with these, as well as the historical development of Western ideas of “the supernatural” itself. The goals of this course are to: gain an introduction to critical concepts, approaches, and methods in the study of culture and the supernatural; enhance understanding of human diversity through the study of cross-cultural examples of supernatural folklore; and develop an understanding of the ways in which various genres of folklore have been used as vehicles for the expression of human relationships to the supernatural. Some areas we may consider include witchcraft, ghosts, vampires, fairies, UFOs, supernatural assault, Neopaganism, saints healing, legend tripping, and dark tourism. And there will be room for students to explore other areas of interest.  

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