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Student and Alumni Stories

Noof Mohammed Al Jenibi, MAPP ‘18
Noof Mohammed Al Jenibi

Chief Happiness and Well-being Officer, United Arab Emirates University
Head of Research Unit, Emirates Research Center for Happiness


Master of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania ‘18
Master of Human Resource Management, Abu Dhabi University
Bachelor of Science in Information Security, United Arab Emirates University

“We have a huge responsibility,” says Noof Mohammed Al Jenibi (Master of Applied Positive Psychology ’18). “Now that we’ve had a chance to be a part of the positive psychology community at Penn, we have to give back by helping others and being generous with our knowledge.” During her time in the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program, Noof studied evidence-based research and practical applications with world-class theorists and practitioners. “Imagine reading your favorite books, then having the chance to meet the authors and listen to their perspective. Imagine being a student of the founder of positive psychology!” she reflects. Although the hybrid program is designed to accommodate students who live remotely and work full-time, Noof found it advantageous to move to Philadelphia during her year-long course of study. “I had the chance to work at the Positive Psychology Center (PPC) at Penn, where I felt like I was part of a great community, and I had the chance to attend some of the lectures which are held at the PPC,” she explains.

Now the Chief Happiness and Well-being Officer at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) as well as the head of a happiness research unit at UAEU’s Emirates Center For Happiness Research, Noof has the opportunity to give back by cultivating an environment for thriving at the university. Collaborating with the Minister of State for Happiness and Well-being, Her Excellency Ohoud Al Roumi, Noof’s team invites students and staff members to weigh in on programs, policies and even courses that are designed to promote their physical, financial, occupational and emotional well-being. “Changes have been made to meet staff and student needs,” says Noof. “It's really thrilling for me, now that I have the knowledge and skills to apply positivity in a scientific and evidence-based way.”

But the benefits of positive psychology don’t just belong in the workplace, Noof advises prospective students. “The knowledge that you will gain will not benefit you in a professional life only, but in your personal life,” she says, from establishing a personal meditation practice to setting the tone for focused, honest family conversations. “The world needs you,” Noof adds. “Whatever you learn from the MAPP program, it is a life-changing experience.”

Visit the Penn Library's Scholarly Commons website to read Noof's final capstone project, Well-being in the United Arab Emirates: How Findings From Positive Psychology Can Inform Government Programs and Research.

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