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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Your tuition at the University of Pennsylvania is calculated at a per course unit (c.u.) rate based on the program you choose and the number of course units for which you register unless otherwise indicated. Tuition for each class taken by Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences students is billed at the rates listed in the table below.

Summer 2019-Spring 2020 Tuition and Fee Rates for
Master of Behavioral and Decision Students

The rates listed below will be effective summer 2019 through spring 2020. All tuition and fee charges are subject to the approval of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania and may change without notice.

Course Units Tuition General fee Clinical fee Total
1 $6,152 $414 N/A $6,566
2 $12,304 $828 N/A $13,132
3 $18,456 $1,660 $304 $20,420
4 $24,608 $1,660 $304 $26,572

Fee definitions

  • General fee: The general fee constitutes a partial contribution to the support of such essential facilities as a large library system, museums and institutes, and special laboratories.
  • Clinical fee: The clinical fee is required for students enrolled in three or more course units and allows them unlimited access to the Penn Student Health Service.
  • Recreation fee: The recreation fee is incorporated into the General Fee for full-time students. It includes automatic membership in the Pottruck Health and Fitness Center, the University's fitness center.

*Academic credit (PDF) is defined by the University of Pennsylvania as a course unit (c.u.). A course unit (c.u.) is a general measure of academic work over a period of time, typically a term (semester or summer). A c.u. (or a fraction of a c.u.) represents different types of academic work across different types of academic programs and is the basic unit of progress toward a degree. One c.u. is usually converted to a four-semester-hour course.

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