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Arun K. Deb, PhD, PE DEE

Lecturer, Master of Environmental Studies

Dr. Arun Deb has more than 50 years experience in teaching, research and consultancy in water and wastewater management, and has conducted research projects for the National Science Foundation and Water Research Foundation. He has developed water supply management plans for cities around the world, including a World Bank funded project in which he developed a master plan for the city of Calcutta, India. He has published and presented more than 200 papers in various journals and conferences around the world. Throughout his career, Arun has received many awards for his lifelong work in water and wastewater management, including those from the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Water Works Association and the American Academy of Engineering.

Arun worked as Vice President of Weston Solutions for 30 years. Upon retirement, he started his volunteer activities with a goal to helping people of developing countries by providing them safe drinking water and good sanitation. Currently, he is serving on the Board of the Global Water Alliance of Philadelphia and working as a volunteer to supply potable water to underprivileged people in developing countries.

Arun received a degree in civil engineering from Calcutta University, India, did graduate study at the University of Wisconsin, and earned a PhD from Calcutta University. He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in environmental engineering at Calcutta University, University College of London and at University of Notre Dame.

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