Jewish Studies

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Through the Jewish Studies certificate, students may explore Jewish history, culture and literature, as routes to understanding the Jewish experience, both past and present.

Program requirements

  • Two courses in Jewish history, culture or civilization that, individually or in combination, survey both pre-modern and modern Jewish history
  • Two courses in Jewish literature from two of three periods (biblical, Rabbinic-medieval, modern)
  • An MLA Proseminar
  • Three courses from the MLA curriculum
  • One course within which students will complete their capstone projects related to Jewish Studies
  • Successful completion of either a written or oral examination in Jewish history (may be done in the context of a course)
  • Students wishing to combine Jewish Studies with a concentration in Hebrew or Yiddish must meet the same requirements, except that two of the above courses must involve the study of subject matter in the appropriate language beyond the elementary or intermediate level

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