Master of Environmental Studies/Juris Doctorate (MES/JD)

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The laws governing land, pollution and natural resources shape both the environment and humans’ relationships to the planet. To provide you with expertise in both environmental and ecological issues, and the laws that can determine the fate of both human and natural communities, the Master of Environmental Studies program has partnered with Penn Law to enable students to earn a dual Master of Environmental Studies/Juris Doctorate (MES/JD) degree in three years. This course of study will prepare students to assume positions of leadership in environmental law and policy making in both the public and private sector.

Due to the greater flexibility in scheduling generally offered by the Master of Environmental Studies program, our courses are typically taken during the summers, in the evening and online, enabling you to pursue law clerkships during the summer.

To begin the dual degree, you must apply and gain admission to both schools independently. Once admitted, you may choose the dual-degree program.

Visit the Penn Law website to read the full description of the MES/JD dual degree for additional JD program and admission requirements.

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