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Haoyang Liu

Medical Physicist, ProCure Proton Therapy Center


Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Physics, University of Pennsylvania ‘16
PhD in Physics, Wuhan University ‘01
BS in Physics, Wuhan University ‘96

“My certificate coursework allowed for many clinical opportunities, and that helped me earn a very competitive residency at Penn Medicine’s Roberts Proton Therapy Center,” shares Haoyang Liu (Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Physics ’16), a professional medical physicist at ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, NJ.

Haoyang came to the University of Pennsylvania with a PhD in Physics, so the Post-Graduate Certificate program was the perfect fit to help him gain CAMPEP-accredited training. “I came from a biophysics and computational physics background, so this was a whole new field for me. I learned new skills every day, especially during the clinical experiences. I worked with highly accomplished physicists and dosimetrists who showed me all of the latest applications and technologies.”

During his studies, Haoyang took advantage of the many shadowing and research opportunities. “You get exposed to almost everything, whatever you need to know or learn is here. We have the proton facility, which is a unique feature of this program.” He adds, “At Penn, no matter if you are here for a certificate, a master’s or a residency, the people you work with want to help. The equipment and the mentors are there to learn from, and you just have to reach out.”

Before joining Penn, Haoyang’s research career was focused on medical services including drug discovering and developing applications. He wanted to get more involved in patient care, so he decided to make the switch into medical physics. “In this field, you get the satisfaction of helping people,” he continues, “What you do makes a difference in a patient’s treatment and their life.”

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