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BA Majors and Minors

Your major serves to focus your studies within a particular department, and announce your expertise to future employers or educational institutions. Some students arrive knowing exactly what they want to major in, and others are still looking. Whether you know which path you'd like to follow, or want to explore multiple promising options, your academic advisor will help you refine your focus and coach you throughout the process.

As a student in the Bachelor of Arts degree program, you will have access to majors and minors from more than 50 academic departments and interdisciplinary programs across the School of Arts and Sciences. All of our Bachelor of Arts students are welcome to enroll in daytime courses at Penn. Four of these majors—English, Environmental Studies, Humanities and Social Science—can be completed taking exclusively evening courses.

With such a wide selection of majors from which to choose, our students find opportunities to prepare for nearly any personal or professional goal. For example, students interested in pursuing a career in business often major in subjects like Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), International Relations, Economics or Political Science. Use the department links below to learn more about the undergraduate programs, including course requirements.

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