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Monica Ionescu

Data Scientist and Adjunct Professor, the Wharton School


Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Case Western University

It wasn’t until I was studying actuarial sciences for my MBA that I learned what an actuary actually does. Right away, I knew I wanted to switch careers and become an actuary. I have always loved math. When I was young, while other kids played, I found my greatest joy in solving math problems and teaching myself new concepts. With the heavily math-based actuarial science class I found myself once again staying up late solving problems and having to force myself away. The school I was attending did not have an actuarial sciences program, so I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue my dream career, until I moved to Philadelphia.

I found that the College of Liberal and Professional Studies offers an amazing opportunity for non-traditional students, like me, who are lifelong learners, looking for development opportunities.  My goal when I entered the Post-Baccalaureate studies program was to complete the actuarial science and related coursework and take some of the Society of Actuaries’ exams during the process. Because of the post-baccalaureate’s flexibility, I have been able to complete the program as a working adult and on a part-time basis. I’ve also learned that with discipline, perseverance and courage, I am able to accomplish any goals I set for myself.

I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had with the College of Liberal and Professional Studies and I hope to someday be able to give back by helping other aspiring actuaries, especially those who are non-traditional students and career changers.

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