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Student and Alumni Stories

Students and alumni of Penn’s Bachelor of Arts program have begun exciting, new chapters in their life stories. Learn about their personal experiences as a student and find out what they are doing now. Each one is an inspiration.

Donald Antenen

Bachelor of Arts, Classical Studies, Phi Beta Kappa ’15

Follow Donald’s journey from earning his GED to joining a national honor society in the Ivy League.

Michael Banks

Bachelor of Arts, Urban Studies ’14

Hear advice from Michael, a native North Philadelphian, on connecting with peers and embracing the opportunity to study at Penn.

Brian Dougherty

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science ’17

Learn about the LPS BA through Brian’s experience as a US Air Force veteran and student leader in the Warrior-Scholar Project.

Theresa Feo

Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, summa cum laude ’14

Discover Penn’s and Philadelphia’s outstanding cultural offerings through Theresa, a fine arts aficionado.

Darren Finn

Bachelor of Arts, Biology ’15

Learn how Darren combined his Ivy League education with hands-on, clinical practice within the Penn Health System.

Phoebe Henninger

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science ’18—expected

Dive into Phoebe’s extracurricular experiences volunteering with the Democratic National Convention and working with Penn faculty on research.

Chris Lubanski

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science ’16

Explore how Chris, a former professional baseball player, transitioned from the Major League to the Ivy League. 

Lonnie L. Lucas

Bachelor of Arts, English ‘18

Learn how Lonnie’s outstanding community college academics led her first to Penn, then to law school.

Erik Morinaga

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science ’16

Learn how Erik, a US Marine Corps Sergeant, applied his military training and discipline to become a Dean’s List scholar.

Michelle Prince

Bachelor of Arts, Social Science ’17

Get insight on balancing a full-time job while earning a degree from Michelle, a Penn employee who knows the University from multiple perspectives.

Jesse Raines

Bachelor of Arts, African Studies ‘19—expected

Travel around the world with Jesse to understand the importance of African studies and age diversity in the classroom.

Catherine Revak

Bachelor of Arts, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies ’14

Hear how Catherine decided to make a career change and how campus resources continue to sustain her as she pursues graduate studies at Penn.

Derek Rodenbeck

Bachelor of Arts, Visual Studies ‘20—expected

Learn how visual studies helped Derek discover the best tools to exercise his mind and tell his story.

Julian Scott

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, cum laude ’14

Learn how Julian discovered his calling for law school and connected with fellow LPS students to excel in his studies at Penn.

Cindy Srnka

Bachelor of Arts, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations ’20—expected

Discover how winning a scholarship changed Cindy’s life and how she uncovered her academic passion through an internship at the Penn Museum.

Ryan Stevenson

Bachelor of Arts, Cognitive Science ‘20—expected

Explore the liberal arts college experience through the eyes of global traveler and military veteran Ryan.

Deborah Trimble

Bachelor of Arts, Health and Societies ’16

Hear how Deborah, an Air Force veteran, used her BA experience to take the next steps in becoming a physician

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