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Transfer Preparation and Policies

Preparing for the transfer experience 

For students who hope to transfer to the Bachelor of Arts program at Penn, we recommend preparing for your transfer success as early as possible. The better your preparation, the more likely you are to gain admission to the BA and, more importantly, the more likely you are to have a rewarding experience once you arrive on campus.

The Admissions Committee gives careful consideration to academic preparation and achievement, and all candidates for admission are expected to have demonstrated rigor in their undergraduate curriculum at their current college or university.

Please keep these recommendations in mind as you make choices:

  • Challenge yourself.
  • Enroll in honors courses and participate in honor programs at every chance you get.
  • Prepare yourself for a rigorous academic environment by enrolling in writing-intensive courses, as well as quantitative courses with statistics and advanced mathematics content.
  • Start learning a foreign language.
  • Get involved in a range of academic and nonacademic leadership activities.

Transferring credits

Up to half of your graduation requirements in the Bachelor of Arts program at LPS may be met with work completed at another institution, and many BA students at LPS have successfully transferred credits. Be sure to keep a copy of all previous course syllabi, which are necessary for the transfer credit evaluation process.

In general, BA students at LPS may receive transfer credit from college-level work done at a regionally accredited institution, passed with a grade of C (2.0) or better, with a similar focus and classroom hours to courses at Penn.

All transfer students are encouraged to begin the transfer credit evaluation process upon accepting their offer of admission to the BA program. Credits must be submitted for transfer evaluation by the end of a student’s first semester at Penn.

Credits transferred from other institutions will become a part of the student’s official record, but former grades will not be placed on the transcript or used in determining the cumulative grade point average. 

Learn more about transfer credit policies for the BA degree program in our Student Handbook (PDF).

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“I’m doing well at Penn because I use the resources. I think the culture here for the military is great; there’s a lot of support. I feel like I've integrated very well."
-- Brian Dougherty

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