Spring 2019

East Asia and the Rise of a Global Middle Class

Spring 2014
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HIST 206 601
Tuesday 5:00pm-8:00pm

Choi, Jamyung

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This course looks at East Asian history through the rise of a global middle class. What is a “middle class” and how did the idea evolve in East Asia? How has the middle class in East Asia converged and diverged from global trends? How has the idea of a middle class driven politics, economics, education, and gender, or vice versa? What role has the middle class in China, Japan played in the rise of modern East Asia and in the shared and divergent histories of these countries? How have middle-class experiences become the dream of the social mainstream in East Asia? Through select primary and secondary sources, students will obtain an inside glimpse of East Asia, global modernity, and the discipline of social and cultural history. Students will produce two short essays, participate in class discussion, and submit a final paper.