Spring 2018

Dynamic Hub of The Americas: Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development in Panama

Spring 2018
Course Number: 
DYNM 781 001




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Primary Program: 
Organizational Dynamics
Course Note: 
DYNM Category: A; DYNM Concentrations: LMC, GL, SD. Travel Dates: 3/1-11
Course Description: 

What a difference a century makes! This Penn Organizational Dynamics course offered in Panama will provide the opportunity to examine and assess the Panama Canal, a huge project with global impact undertaken in the early 1900s, completed in 1914, and recently expanded alongside innovative, entrepreneurial, and paradigm-shifting sustainable development projects underway in early 21st Century Panama. Central Americas largest and fastest growing economy, Panama is developing rapidly. This course will explore avenues by which the nation is tackling sustainability challenges while balancing economic growth, cultural values, conservation of biodiversity, and exploitation of natural resources. 

The early 1900's were about Imperialism and political and financial dominance invoked to make something happen that was colossal in scale and macro in scope. Today's Panama is about bright spots, positive deviance, and emergence of new economic initiatives and development based on a different world view, but these micro scale projects also have the potential to change world order. 

We will spend the first half of the trip in Panama City, during which we will visit the Canal and take a day trip to Colon and the Free Trade Zone. We will travel to the islands of Bocas del Toro for the second half of the week to broaden our perspective on Panama's historical and contemporary approaches to sustainable development. The learning objective of this course is to examine a paradigm shift in economic development over the past 100 years using Panama as a critical case study. 

This course will have an additional fee to cover logistical costs. 

This course requires interested students to submit a course application. The application can be found here:  https://sasupenn.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bIOn90FjVxUDZQN.