April 12, 2011, 7:30pm
Towards a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine
Presenter: Saree Makdisi, UCLA
Participants: Amy Kaplan, University of Pennsylvania
Location: Houston Hall 218 (Ben Franklin Room)

With the demise of the two-state solution (especially since the publication of the Palestine Papers), many have begun searching for alternative just and peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. The main alternative, a one-state solution, would see the establishment of a single secular and democratic state where Israelis and Palestinians would live as equals. Furthermore, the momentous revolutions currently sweeping the Arab world leave many asking what the events of this year mean for Israel, Palestine and the quest for peace. Join Saree Makdisi for a discussion that will explore the contours of the one-state solution, as well as attempt to place the struggle for justice in Palestine in the context of the struggle for democracy in the wider Middle East. There will be a Q&A session moderated by Penn English Professor Amy Kaplan.

Saree Makdisi is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UCLA; in addition to articles and books on British literature and culture, he has written opinion pieces for a wide variety of publications, including the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, and is the author of Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation.

The English Department, the GreenField Intercultural Centre (GIC), The Middle East Center at Penn, and Penn Arab Students Society