February 26, 2011, 10:00am
5th Annual Muslim Law Conference and Career Fair: Constructive Roles for Islamic Law in Western Society
Presenter: Prof. Asifa Quraishi, Board of National Association of Muslim Lawyers; Prof. Mohammad Fadel, University of Toronto; Prof. Michael McMillen, University of Pennsylvania
Location: Levy Conference Center, Penn Law School

The Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA), National Muslim Law Students Association (NMLSA) and Muslim Students Association at Penn (MSA) invite you to the annual Muslim Law Conference and Career Fair.

The goal this year is to make this an event that is well attended and relevant to all students, academia and professionals with an interest in the law or Islam.  The purpose of the event is to engage in constructive dialogue to dispel some of the myths regarding Islamic law, and the constructive role Islam can play within the broader American society, especially through the legal and financial system.  This year, the conference will include three components.  There will be (1) a series of lectures by renowned scholars, (2) a workshop specifically for students on applying to law school by the Dean of Admissions at Penn Law, and (3) a career fair for people to learn about the legal industry and network with professionals.  Please feel free to browse here for more details about the speakers, lecture topics and career fair.

Please be sure to register online, prior to February 19th, 2011.  Registration is free online, and $10 at the door.  Feel free to contact the organizers at penn-mlsa-board@googlegroups.com.

MLSA, NMLSA, MSA, the Middle East Center, Asian American Studies Program, Greenfield Intercultural Center, and Faith Fund