March 3, 2011, 5:30pm
Towards an African History of Race: Blackness and Slavery in the Muslim Scholarship of West Africa, c.1700-1900
Presenter: Bruce Hall, Duke University
Participants: Eve Troutt-Powell, University of Pennsylvania
Location: College Hall, Room 209

Bruce Hall is an Assistant Professor of History at Duke University, specializing in race and ethnicity, legal history, intellectual history, global transnational history, and comparative studies. His forthcoming book, A History of Race in Muslim West Africa, 1600-1960, traces the development of arguments about race in the Niger Bend in northern Mali. Based on Arabic documents held in Timbuktu, as well as local colonial sources in French and oral interviews, it reconstructs an African intellectual history of race that long predated colonial conquest, and which has continued to orient community relations ever since.

Eve M. Troutt Powell teaches the history of the modern Middle East. As a cultural historian, she emphasizes the exploration of literature and film in her courses. She is now working on a book about the memory of slavery in the Nile valley, which examines how slaves and slaveholders wrote, sang or talked about the experience of servitude and its meaning in their societies. Both her research and her teaching explore the relationship between Africa and the Middle East, and thus connect her closely to Africana Studies and African Studies at Penn.

A Stephen Allen Kaplan Memorial Lecture. The welcome reception begins at 5:00pm.

The Middle East Center and the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania.