November 16, 2011, 7:00pm
Role of Civil Society Organiations in Sustaining Tunisia's Transition Towards Democracy
Presenter: Chema Gargouri
Location: International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA

Tunisia held their first free elections on October 23, 2011. Thus, the timing of this series and the special presenters, all of whom are coming directly from Tunisia, will make this a very insightful series.

Who are the new actors in Tunisian political life?
What are the new challenges after the first free elections?
What are the next milestones in the roadmap leading towards Tunisian democracy?

     The opening series lecture took place last night in Washington, DC at Johns Hopkins SAIS to an enthusiastic audience who came to learn about Tunisia's transition to democracy and Hatem Bourial's analysis of the recent elections. The series moves this Thursday night, November 10th to Philadelphia, at International House Philadelphia.

     We look forward to seeing you at this special ATA lecture series. A listing of the entire series can be found on the link, below:

The Middle East Center, John Hopkins University (SAIS), Fran Swan and Ken Peres Mary and Edmond Tiryak, International House Philadelphia