March 29, 2018, 12:00am
Body Movements: Positioning Sudanese Women in an Age of Empire
Presenter: Marie Grace Brown
Location: ARCH 108, 3601 Locust Walk


How do bodies mark and make meaning of our place in the world? From 1898 to 1956, amidst the upheaval of imperial rule, a generation of young Sudanese women performed a careful choreography of body movements to adapt to imperial morals and affirm a new standard of modern Sudanese womanhood. Marie Grace Brown traces these gestures, intimacies, and adornment to demonstrate how the imperial experience was inscribed on women’s bodies. The result is a highly participatory tale of empire that honors the ways in which Sudanese women told their own stories in the swing of their hips and the tucks and folds of their clothes.

The Middle East Center at University of Pennsylvania