November 20, 2019, 1:45pm
Saudi Citizens' Attitudes Towards Recent Changes in Saudi Arabia
Presenter: Community College of Philadelphia
Participants: Anna Viden
Location: Community College of Philadelphia, Room S2-3

Since the late 1940s the United States maintains a complicated relationship with Saudi Arabia. Our country’s economic and strategic interests are intertwined with those of Saudi Arabia. Due to this Saudi Arabia often is in the news and on social media. Consequently, Americans collectively have formed certain perceptions about the country and its political and economic policies and cultural facets. However, mainstream media and to some extent, social media often only present the voices of the political elite. Rarely do we get to hear the views of ordinary Saudi citizens.  Dr. Viden will fill these gaps in her lecture and help us look at Saudi Arabia from a different angle.       

Middle East Center, CCP Department of Foreign Languages