November 11, 2007

"Cruise the Nile through History: Explore Ancient and Modern Egypt"
A Workshop for K-12 Teachers at the Penn Museum

On November 10th, the Education Department at the University Museum, the Middle East Center, and Camden County College sponsored a workshop,"Cruise the Nile through History: Explore Ancient and Modern Egypt," for 49 teachers from Philadelphia and New Jersey. Dr. Kate Liszka, one of the University Museum's Egyptologists, covered many of the cultural aspects of the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom in Egypt. Her presentation included discussions of the sites of the Giza Plateau, Memphis, Luxor, Alexandria, and Abu Simbel, and explored aspects of the ancient society such as love, poetry, worship, humor, business, education, and hobbies. After the talk, the teachers enjoyed a guided tour of Penn Museum’s magnificent Egyptian collection. After a sumptuous Middle Eastern buffet lunch, Manar Darwish, a native of Cairo and professor of Islamic Art, gave a lively presentation on Modern day Egyptian art, religion, education, and tourism. The teachers learned how the legacy of ancient Egypt is integrated into the current culture. Following the lecture, Manar lead the group through Penn Museum’s Islam gallery.