December 3, 2007

Introduction to Islam with the Rabbinical Reconstructionist College in Wyncote, PA

The Middle East Center has partnered with the Rabbinical Reconstructionist College to offer the College's students an introduction to Islam in spring 2008.  The course includes both an academic and a service learning component. The emphasis in both is on preparing rabbis to function as Jewish leaders in dialogue, community activism, and education in partnership with Muslims. 

For the service learning component, the Center recruited Muslim graduate students to partner with the rabbinical students, who will participate in a number of joint activities together, including: a get-to-know-each other dinner to beheld at the University of Pennsylvania on March 5th; engaging each other in religious text study and discussion; visiting  a religious service or other Muslim event of the Muslim student’s choice; and preparing a presentation to a Jewish audience on some aspect of Islam or Muslim-Jewish Relations.