March 25, 2015

Foreign Language and Area Fellowships Open Doors For Penn Students 

The Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania, along with South Asia Center, African Studies Center, and the Center for East Asian Studies, has contributed to the study of foreign languages and international area studies at Penn for decades. At Penn, the Middle East Center, South Asia Center, and African Studies Center offer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for summer and the academic year to promote the study of various Less Commonly Taught Languages and international area studies among students after annual competitions. FLAS fellowships for the study of modern Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Tajik, Turkish, and Persian are offered through the Middle East Center. Penn News featured an article on FLAS recipients, including Middle East Center FLAS fellows Mr. Zahir Rahman and Mr. Mohamed Abdelgany, and how these fellowships contributed to their career goals.

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