May 7, 2018

Iran Graduate Students Workshop

This past weekend (May 4-5) the Middle East Center welcomed graduate students, early career scholars and senior scholars from Princeton, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, New York, Austin, Freiburg (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland) for what turned out to be an intellectually stimulating and productive workshop. The Iranian Graduate Student Workshop is a very exciting patnership that MEC has developed with NYU and Princeton, which gives graduate students from all over the world, working on all aspects of Iranian and Persianate studies, the opportunity to present their work to one another, and to receive feedback from senior scholars, over the course of an intensive, biannual two-day workshop. The idea is that, each time, the cohort from the previous worshop returns and gives feedback to the new cohort of graduate students.

In this picture PhD candidate Maral Sahabjeme from the University of Washington is presenting her research titled, "'A Low-cost marriage': Discourse of Unmarried Cohabitation (White Marriage) in Iran".  She is joined in this picture by the discussants, Penn Professors Jamal Elias and Brian Spooner. The panel was chaired by NYU Professor Arang Keshavarzian.