May 16, 2018

Congratulations to Nour Halabi!

She has accepted a job at Leeds University's School of Media and Communication and will be teaching race and media. 

Nour Halabi is a PhD Candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication (August '18). Her research focuses on race and representation in the media, migration and social movements. She has published her work in Arab Media & Society, International Journal of Middle East Studies, and the International Journal of Communication.

Her dissertation focuses on what she has dubbed "immigration hospitality." She provides a historical policy and discourse analysis, contrasting comtemporary US immigration policy and discourse with that of the Chinese Exclusion Era, the 1920s, and the post-9/11 immigration environment. Examining the regulatory and media environements within these three representative periods of American immigration history has demonstrated that hospitality has been extended to some categories of immmigrants over others. This restrictive environment clashes with the enduring myth that the United States is a "nation of immigrants"