July 18, 2018

Penn PhD-Students Presented at the 2018 Global Leadership Seminar: Islam, Politics & Change in the Middle East organized for Philadelphia high school students by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and sponsored by the Middle East Center.

NELC Ph.D. Candidate Raha Rafii, Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate Robert Vigar and Political Science Ph.D. Candidate Victoria Gilbert all gave lectures during the Global Leadership Seminar which took place Monday July 9 - Friday July 13 at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Raha gave a talk titled "Islam:Exploring the Faith and Religious Identity of the World's Second-Largest Religion". Robert Vigar's talk was titled "From the Iranian Revolution and Salafism to Moderates in Tunisia and the Muslim Brotherhood: The Many Faces of Political Islam in the Middle East" and Victoria Gilbert's talk dealt with "A Clash of Civilizations? Political Islam's Relationship with the West". The Seminar also featured a trip to Washington D.C. where the students met with various representatives of policy think tanks and foreign embassies.