Amel Mili

Lecturer in Arabic
Director, Lauder Arabic Language and Culture Program




Amel Mili holds a JD in Private Law from the Law School of Tunis and a Master’s in Public Administration from The University of Tunis.  She also holds a Master’s and a PhD in Global Affairs/ Political Science from Rutgers University, Newark.  From 1991 to 2009, and except for a leave of absence to pursue her graduate studies at Rutgers, Amel served as a Magistrate in the Administrative Tribunal of Tunisia, a special supreme court modeled on France’s Conseil d’Etat.   During her tenure with the tribunal, she also served on short-term assignments in Quebec City, Canada, and in Paris, France.  Amel joined the Lauder Institute in January 2010. She became an OPI rater in 2012 and is completing her full certification as an OPI tester in Arabic language. 

Amel’s professional interests include law; political science (gender politics, democratic transition, globalization, the Arab Spring), language education (balancing language skills and contents, balancing theory and practice, balancing depth and breadth, balancing business and culture, Analyzing the status of Arabic) and law (jurisdiction, administrative law, comparative law, cyberspace law, legal Arabic).   She has published eighteen articles in journals and conferences, as well as a textbook for teaching Arabic to Business students. She is currently preparing a book for University Press of New England/ Brandeis University Press titled Gender and the Arab Spring; this book is due to appear in 2015.  Amel served as program co-chairwoman of the First International Workshop on Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning Arabic (held in Tunis, Tunisia, in May 2012).

Amel’s personal interests include advocating gender equality, minorities’ rights, and supporting organizations that promote justice.