Huda J. Fakhreddine

Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature


Huda Fakhreddine is a specialist in Arabic literature. Her work focuses on modernist movements or trends in Arabic poetry and their relationship to the Arabic literary tradition. Her book Metapoesis in the Arabic Tradition (Brill, 2015) is a study of the modernist poetry of the twentieth century Free Verse movement and the Abbasid muḥdath movement, as periods of literary crisis and meta-poetic reflection. She is interested in the role of the Arabic qaṣīdah as a space for negotiating the foreign and the indigenous, the modern and the traditional, and its relationship to other poetic forms such as the Free Verse poem and the prose poem. She also has an interest in Translation Studies, the politics of translation and its role in creating the image and status of Arabic literature, and especially poetry, in other languages. She holds an MA in English literature from the American University of Beirut and a PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Indiana University,Bloomington.

Courses taught:

Readings in Classical Arabic Criticism: The Prose Poem in Arabic: Arabic Belles Lettres: Seminar in Arabic Poetry; Classical/Early Arabic Prose; Middle Eastern Literatures in Translation; Arabic Literature and Literary Theory; Arab Women and War; The Arabic Short Story; he Arabic Novel; Rhetorical Aspects of Arabic and Persian P.oetry. 

Disclosures of Poetrty: The Arabic Prose Poem as Theory and Practice (forthcoming).

Metapoesis in the Arabic Tradtion, Leiden: Brill Publishers (2015).

"Abu Tammam" in A Companion to World Literature, edited by Ken Seigneurie (forthcoming).

"Against Cities: On Hija' al-mudun i Arabic Poetry." with Bilal Orfali in The City in Pre-Modern and Modern Arabic Literature, edited by Nizar F. Hermes ad Gretchen Head (forthcoming).

"The Aesthetic Imperative: History Poeticized, " in Outsider Imperatives: Manifestos for the Future of World Thought, eds. Jason Mohaghe and and Lucian Stone. New York: Rowan and Littlefield (2017).

"Two Project of Modernisms in Arabic Poetry," Journal of Arabic Literature 48 (2017)