Sabine El Chamaa

ABOUT Sabine El Chamaa:
She is a Lebanese filmmaker. Born and raised in Beirut, she pursued
undergraduate studies in Communication Arts at the Lebanese American
University followed by graduate studies in film production at the University of
Southern California in Los Angeles. She has worked as a freelance editor in the
United States and in Europe before focusing on writing and directing her own
projects. Amongst her films, the short fiction "How beautiful is the sea", the
partially animated short fiction "Promenade" recipient of a production grant at
the Berlin Today Award that premiered at the 59th Berlin film festival in 2009,
and "un Mardi", recipient of a production grant from the French National
Cinematography Center in Paris. Sabine currently resides in London where she
is a PHD candidate at Goldsmiths University in a practice-led research around
the representation of war.


ABOUT The Middle East center at Penn 2010-2011
Artist in Residence Program:
My interest in the Middle East Center lies within the specific area of
scholarship that explores Muslim and Christian Iconoclasm, more specifically,
Byzantine Iconoclasm, the political circumstances that led to it, and away from
it. I sense that my own research into the representation in images and in words
of contemporary wars would be enriched by that knowledge. I would like to
learn what clashes excess of imagery has produced in a different age and time.
Surrounded by images on a daily basis, images that can now be transferred and
communicated by anybody who owns a portable phone and who has an internet
connection, and myself creating images and planning them for years in short or
long movies, I believe that that question is an essential one that may give me a
different perspective on my own work and research.

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