Samie Iqbal Kayani

Winter Artist in Residence




Samie employs a multidisciplinary approach to his creative skills. His work combines his architectural design alongside a study of historical engineering systems and a comparative study of art in the Muslim world.

His enthusiasm to seek inspiration in his work has led him to work in a number of major cities such as Seville, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Peshawar and London- where he also currently resides.

Amongst his broad portfolio of design experience, are a commercial shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur, master planning of a new city in UAE and residential developments in London in an architectural consultancy he established with his father. His pursuit as an artist has led him to more conceptual appraisals such as a design mechanism in the Persian Gulf- collecting raw material and drifting debri which is deposited into cyclic tidal mudflats. At low tide in the estuary these mudflats emerge as hidden Persian gardens- a system that replenishes itself to form new spontaneous forms feeding from the natural processes. 

Samie’s work employs visual narratives that he deploys as themes in his mixed multimedia work. He uses ink drawings, painting, photography and computer software.

"I grew up on traditions of the Shahnameh, poets such as Hafez and great thinkers such as Muhammad Iqbal - I illustrate into visual work what such literary works have meant to me. An Andalusian pomegranate or the sounds of the famous Afghan Rabbab - these symbols and objects become blurred in a meta narrative. I look forward to the opportunity of working at UPenn." - Samie