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Defense Language Institute – GLOSS
Offers a wide range of reading and listening lessons with in-depth feedback. Regional languages and dialects included in GLOSS are: MSA, Azerbaijani, Dari, Egyptian, Gulf Arabic, Hebrew, Iraqi, Kurdish (Sorani and Kurmanji), Levantine, Pashto, Persian (Farsi), Turkish, Turkmen, and Uzbek.

Legends and Folktales
Legends and folktales from around the world. Each story available in both English and the target language.

National Middle East Language Resource Center - Student Handbooks
Offers theory guides on how to approach the study Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish.



Aswaat Arabiyya 
web site designed for learnears and educators of Arabic, focusing particularly on listening comprehension and resources. Each listening unit contains a segment ranging in length between one and ten minutes along with pre-listening, listening and post-listening questions and activities. The questions are presented in PDF format so as to allow learners and teachers to use them for in-class or homework activities. Developed by the University of Texas at Austin.

Arabic Language Resources
This website of the National Capital Language Resource Center provides teachers of Arabic in K-12 schools with teaching materials, resources, and professional development opportunities. 

Project Root List
Downloadable compendium of all roots used in the Qur’an and all possible meanings

Ebooks of recent Arabic publications

Ectaco Dictionary
English-Arabic translation tool, also available as an iPhone app

Arabic Alphabet Song on YouTube

American Association of Teachers of Arabic
Publications, resources, programs, professional development, job opportunities, and more

Al-Bab Arabic Resources
A good way to get students interested in Arabic language and culture. Includes sections on Arabic names, Arabic slang, how to write your name in Arabic, lists of proverbs, articles about culture and diversity in the Middle East, maps, timelines, and more.

Multilingual Computing with Arabic
Guide to using Arabic Fonts in Windows

Calligraphy Qalam
All about Arabic calligraphy: styles, history, how-to videos, etc. Includes resources for educators.

Virtual Arabic Keyboard
Click to type in Arabic without changing your keyboard, then copy from the text box when you're done.

Arabic Accents
Provides audio clips for Arabic learners of varying proficiency on various topics. You can listen to each passage in ten different dialects: Egyptian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese, Libyan, Palestinian, Saudi, Sudanese, Syrian, and Tunisian.

Defense Language Institute Arabic Grammar Resources
Offers detailed explanation of various grammar topics

Arabic Phone Conversations
Dialect recordings for all proficiency levels in Egyptian, Iraqi, and Levantine dialects

Al-Kitaab Reading Enhancement Suite
Interactive interface by the Penn Linguistics Data Consortium for reading Al-Kitaab texts, with glossary, voweling, and audio features. Requires Firefox web browser for audio, Firefox or Safari for text.

Syrian Colloquial Arabic Course
Online set of dialogues and vocabulary for a basic introduction to the Syrian dialect.

Arabic TV Streams (via Livestation):
Al AanAl JazeeraAl Jazeera MubasherLibya TVBBC Arabic
Follow current news broadcasts in Modern Standard Arabic



Tutorials for beginners

Dreams of Peace

Teaching Arabic and Hebrew side by side through cognates

Thematic dictionary of Hebrew vocabulary; over 10,000 word listings

Foundation Stone
Software download that includes flashcard capabilities, virtual keyboard input, sound recording, and vocabulary lists

Milon English à Hebrew Dictionary

Learn Hebrew Verbs
Lists of conjugations

Project Ben Yehuda
Books, articles, and essays

Register for free to access searchable texts including newspapers, novels, dialogues, academic journals, and more.

Hebrew @ Stanford Multimedia
Video clips, dialogues, and links

Hebrew Virtual Keyboard
Click to type in Hebrew without changing your keyboard, then copy from the text box when you're done.



Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
Good for finding the meanings of more classical Persian words

Online English-Persian Dictionary
Reliable, extensive reference

Persian Teaching Resources
New open-source textbook for introductory Persian, used at Penn for Elementary Persian classes

BBC Persian Video Stream (Via Livestation)
British news in Farsi

Series of teach-yourself lessons from the alphabet to complex grammar, culture, and translation exercises

Virtual Persian
Audio and reading exercises for beginning and intermediate students of Persian

Encyclopedia Iranica
"The Encyclopaedia Iranica is a comprehensive research tool dedicated to the study of Iranian civilization in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent."

Iranian Calendar Converter
Persian-Gregorian-Hijri converter

Archive of classical Persian poetry

A Day in Rostambad of Shemiran
A short story in Persian with audio and mouse-over glossary features



Turkish Dictionary
English-Turkish and Turkish-English. Gives multiple definitions and parts of speech.

Manisa Turkish
Online grammar reference

CNN Turkish

Princeton Turkish
Short stories and news articles for students of Turkish

Turkish Verb Conjugator
Input infinitive form to get full table of conjugations