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Welcome! Καλώς ορίσατε!

Modern Greek has been offered at the University of Pennsylvania since 1943.  It started as a modest program of beginners’ classes (2 semesters) and in 1990 a second year of intermediate level was added. Eventually, in an effort to accommodate students of Greek descent who have some knowledge of the language, or scholars who have learned Ancient Greek and would like to learn Modern Greek because of their work or research (archaeologists, linguists etc), a Heritage Speakers class was added in 2003. There is an additional opportunity of a supervised study for students who have already finished the Heritage level and would like to have more conversation practice and be able to  read  some literature and poetry.

The second Intermediate class as well as the second Heritage Speakers class qualify students for completion of the SAS language requirement for graduation.

The Modern Greek program at Penn also accommodates students from Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore and Haverford Colleges, since modern Greek is not offered in their schools.

Learning Modern Greek at Penn is rigorous and fun and incorporates modern technology in language learning. The classes enhance students’ understanding of culture, history, arts, literature and modern life in Greece. In addition to textbooks, songs, books about Greece, cartoons, texts from newspapers and magazines, video clips, podcasts, films and guest lectures are used. A new Second Life thread in which a café in Santorini will be a gathering spot for students will enhance the learning experience.