Four final concerts in Daedalus Quartet's Beethoven cycle at Penn

In a Philadelphia first, the Daedalus Quartet, Penn’s quartet-in-residence, performs the 16 masterpieces that make up Beethoven’s quartet cycle, all in a single season. The four final performances are:

Sunday, February 4 @ 3 PM

Annenberg Center

“After this, what’s left to write?”
Staged reading of Opus by Michael Hollinger
Discussion with the playwright and Penn Theatre Arts Program Professor, Marcia Ferguson
Quartet no. 14 in C# minor, Op 131

Michael Hollinger’s acclaimed play Opus follows the life of a professional string quartet as they prepare for a performance of Beethoven’s late masterpiece, the String Quartet No. 14 in C# minor, Op. 131. Following a staged reading of Opus, Hollinger, Penn Theatre Arts Program Director Marcia Ferguson and the Daedalus Quartet consider the aesthetic and historical questions raised by the appearance of Beethoven’s works, some of the most uncompromising “absolute” music ever written, at the center of a theatrical work. The event concludes with a performance of Beethoven’s Opus 131 in its entirety.

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In partnership with Penn’s Wolf Humanities Center.

Sunday, February 11 @ 3 PM

The Arts, Research and Culture House (ARCH) 208 Auditorium, 3601 Locust Walk

Quartet no. 3 in D major, Op. 18 no. 3
Quartet no. 10 in Eb major, Op. 74 "The Harp"
Quartet no. 12 in Eb major, Op. 127
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Tuesday, April 3 @ 6 PM

Pennovation Center, 3401 Grays Ferry Avenue

Quartet no. 5 in A major, Op. 18 no. 5
Quartet no. 8 in E minor, Op. 59 no. 2

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Friday, April 13 @ 6 PM

The Orrery Pavilion at the Kislak Center, Van Pelt Library, 3420 Walnut Street

Quartet no. 2 in G major, Op. 18 no. 2
Quartet no. 11 in F minor, "Serioso," Op. 95
Quartet no. 13 in Bb major, with Beethoven's rewritten finale

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