Juan Castrillón's two new documentaries

presented on February 27 at 5:15

KIRANIA (Long Clarinets), and PAMI KIRAMI (Long House) are two short film projects of Juan Castrillón's ongoing fieldwork.

The first shows how a pair of long clarinets is made within an indigenous group at the Northwestern Amazon in Colombia, and the second film addresses the process of building a distinct place for music performance after 45 years of its absence. The multimodal process of making a film withoutsilencing fieldwork dynamics from the postproduction emerges as a vibrant platform where debates in ethnomusicology are called to acquire a creative role. A role in which indigenous and non-indigenous audiovisual perspectives assemble each other within cinematiccontours. From this light, films authored by ethnomusicologists come to represent their assumptions about the realities they study, rather than been documents acting in themselves as transparent glances to thelife of the people researchers study with. The presentation combines a lecture and workshop style in which Castrillón introduces and analyzes some sequences of the aforementioned films, along with the discussion about how film editing and narrative styles connect with the intellectual agenda of his dissertation.

(Blurb by the author, Ph.D. candidate in Ethnomusicology.)