Music Department's resident quartet releases video

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In 2017-18 the Daedalus Quartet--the quartet in residence in the Music Department since 2006--performed Philadelphia’s first-ever complete Beethoven quartet cycle at the University of Pennsylvania. With concerts at a variety of venues around campus as well as a number of cross-disciplinary events, the Quartet was able to reach a wide swath of the Penn community and give listeners many different entry points through which to engage with the music.

Video by Christopher Andrew McDonald


Michael Hollinger, playwright

Mary Osunlana, poet and Penn College ‘20

Yolanda Wisher, poet

Davy Knittle, poet and Penn PhD ’20 candidate

Yale Cohen, PhD, neurobiologist, Perelman School of Medicine

Marcia Ferguson, Penn Theatre Arts

Sunny Chang, Penn College ‘18


The Poetry of Beethoven' with poets of Kelly Writers House ~ 1:23

'Beethoven and the Hearing Brain' with Yale Cohen, PhD, director of the Hearing Scientists Center ~ 5:31

Beethoven Quartets as Drama - 'Beethoven and Afterlives’ with a staged reading of Michael Hollinger’s play Opus ~7:38

Conclusion ~ 12:34