Writing about music is team-taught course, designed to introduce first year graduates to a broad spectrum of ideas and approaches to music, and to develop their skills for writing about music. This course is not about establishing fixed models and methodologies; nor does it set out to debate disciplinarity, or to give students full coverage of any one field. Rather, it will examine music in its fullest definition (as sound, text, memory, belief anso on), selecting materials from the broadest possible temporal and geographicarange. Taught by two faculty, there will be the chance to work both in depth on materials with individual professors, and also collaboratively and comparatively during sessions in which faculty teach side-by-side. As well as helping students to develop new skills (archival, analytical, critical), and to engage with musical traditions and materials foreign to them until now, this course also encourages students to experiment with new approaches to their own fields of interest. There will be a substantial written component, with four written assignments during the semester in addition to a longer project.
Section 001 - SEM

R 0200PM-0500PM