This global cities seminar will discuss the cultural politics of memory as they develop through the spatial and sonic atmosphere of post-war Berlin. A city rich in history and focused on the future, Berlin is a laboratory for how exploration of the recent past is re-scripting the near future. The city becomes a palimpsest sonically, visually, and spatially that is available for investigation and interpretation as a means to understand historical patterns and their relationship to novel practices and methods in the present. Media, and in particular sonic cultures, as well as real estate economics and ecological design will form interrelated prisms through which to understand cities, urban practices, urban memory and the transformation of the environment. Methodologically, the course will be an experiment in the use of media to understand cities and engage with urban practices. The course also involves a mandatory, funded field trip to Berlin during spring break when students will participate in the ongoing Anthropocene Curriculum at the Haus der Kultur der Welt and will visit sound art galleries and sound design studios, as well as meeting with practitioners and researchers. Entrance to the course is via application. Music320(
Section 401 - SEM

W 0200PM-0500PM