Andrew Niess

Third Year Graduate Student in Theory
Room 103, Lerner Music Building

Andrew Niess is a Ph.D. student and Benjamin Franklin teaching fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Music. He researches how ecological events like global warming and mass extinctions impinge on musicking and voicing complex temporalitites, materialities, scales, and affects. Specifically, he considers this problematic as it finds its expression in the vocal experimentalism of sound art and performance art. He interlopes between philosophical, musicological, anthropological, historical, and ecological methods and analytics. He is committed to conducting and conveying his research in textual and more-than-textual ways.



Andrew Niess, “Attunement to Protest Vocalities Beyond the Human (Microphone),” in The Oxford Handbook of Protest Music, eds. Noriko Manabe & Eric Drott, (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).