Baldwin Giang

First Year Graduate Student in Composition
103, Music Building
Baldwin Giang (b. 1992) is a composer interested in acoustic and electro-acoustic mediums, whose music aims to empower communities of audiences and performers by creating concert experiences that are opportunities for collective wonder and judgment. Baldwin is a graduate of Yale University, earning a B.A. with Honors in both Music and Political Science, and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, earning a M.A. as a Regents Fellow.  Baldwin's music has been performed by such celebrated performers as the Arditti Quartet, JACK quartet, Argento Ensemble, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Yale Symphony Orchestra, University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Opera Theatre of Yale College, Adamas Quartet, [Switch~ Ensemble], Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble, So Much Hot Air, and unassisted fold.  Among the international and domestic festivals that have presented his work are: June in Buffalo, New Music on the Point, North American Saxophone Association Conference, Valencia International Performance Academy in Spain, Atlantic Music Festival, and highSCORE in Italy. 
Current interests include: microtonality, large ensembles, intermedia installation, digital instrument building, music and politics, and philosophy of music.To see and hear examples of his work, please visit: