Emma Barnaby

Second Year Graduate Student in Musicology
103, Music Building

Emma Barnaby’s research focuses broadly on English church music, both during the English Reformation and the ‘English musical renaissance’ around 1900. Her interests within the field include Marian worship in the Anglican church (especially seen in liturgical music), the place of church music in the cultural history of Great Britain, and metrical psalmody traditions in England, Scotland, and early America. She is most interested in the religious experience of individual composers, shown through the sacred texts they choose to set to music and the musical styles they use to portray them, and how those religious experiences can be microcosms of the greater trends. She has given pre-concert lectures for the Kislak Center’s Music in the Pavilion series and works with the Rosenbach Museum in downtown Philadelphia with exhibitions related to the Bay Book of Psalms.

Raised in the Episcopal tradition, Ms. Barnaby has been singing English church music since the age of eight. She currently sings at St. Mark’s church in Philadelphia, and she works at the St. Thomas Choir School Girl Chorister Course in New York each summer teaching music history and choral skills to the next generation of girl choristers. Her other primary area of study is music history pedagogy; during her undergraduate tenure at the University of Toronto, she completed extensive research on the history of music history textbooks and authored a paper on the findings. At Penn, she enjoys exploring the changing nature of music history in the classroom.